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Background of CACJ/AJP

About CACJ

The Council of ASEAN Chief Justices (CACJ) was formerly known as the ASEAN Chief Justices Meeting (ACJM) which was established in Singapore on 23 August 2013. The 2nd ACJM was held in Kuala Lumpur on 19 September 2014, the 3rd ACJM in Boracay on 2 March 2015 and the 4th ACJM was held in Ho Chi Minh City on 1 April 2016. It was at the 4th ACJM that the Chief Justices agreed to rename the ACJM as the CACJ. Thus, the next meeting in Brunei, which was held on 24 March 2017, was called the 5th CACJ meeting. A Special CACJ meeting was also held in Manila on 27 October 2017 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN.

At this Special meeting, the CACJ agreed to adopt a logo which contains 10 PILLARS and incorporates a building that represents the Court House. The 10 pillars that provide support to the building represent the 10 ASEAN countries and the colours used (red and blue) are similar to the ASEAN emblem which has also been incorporated. The logo represents honour, stability and the firm foundation of the CACJ.

About AJP

The ASEAN Judiciaries Portal (AJP) was first raised at the 2nd ACJM in 2014.

The AJP aims to bring the ASEAN legal jurisdictions to the world, by providing a portal through which the world can learn or know more about the judiciaries and legal environments of ASEAN member states.

The AJP was officially launched at the 6th CACJ meeting in Singapore on 27 July 2018.

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