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Closing Remarks 8th CACJ Meeting



(Hanoi, 5 November 2020)

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ASEAN Chief Justices,

Heads of Delegations, and

Distinguished guests from the ASEAN Supreme Courts,

After an intensive and fruitful working day, we have managed to complete all the items on the agenda of the 8th Council of ASEAN Chief Justices Meeting. The agenda this year covers nine main topics and many other issues of mutual interest between the judiciaries of the ASEAN Member States. I must admit that the videoconference format adopted for this Meeting is not as conducive as face-to-face interactions. Nonetheless, I am confident that with our tireless effort, camaraderie, mutual understanding and trust, the Meeting has yielded remarkable success.

Building on the achievements of the previous Meetings, there was broad consensus on most of the issues deliberated during this Meeting. The Working Groups have also effectively utilized their time to provide comprehensive reports on their activities, and to table proposals and initiatives which are detailed and feasible for the Council’s deliberation. We have also signed the Declaration of the Meeting, the Hanoi Declaration, which would serve as a basis for the activities to be conducted during the Council’s next term. The key activities to be carried out by the Council are essential, targeted, comprehensive and delegated.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Amidst the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the globe and the region, the successful organization of the 8th CACJ Meeting is a testament to the development of an ASEAN Community that is harmonious, self-reliant, innovative, united, unique, responsible and adaptable. I must lament the absence of warm handshakes and intimate conversations among our colleagues and friends from the ASEAN Judiciaries. But in no way did that undermine the significance of, and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation that underlies this Meeting.

These successes would not have been possible without the active, enthusiastic and candid contributions from the Chief Justices, the Heads of Delegations and all of our distinguished guests.

Allow me to also express my sincere gratitude towards the CACJ and the Working Groups for your tremendous effort in the thorough preparation for this Meeting.

I would also like to thank the technical team, the interpreters and the support staff from all the ASEAN Supreme Courts for your dedication towards ensuring the smooth conduct, effectiveness and success of this Meeting.

Ladies and gentlemen,

On the basis of these achievements, I have every confidence that the Council will successfully fulfill all articulated goals and will continue to achieve greater growth, greater strength in organization, greater depth in expertise, and greater camaraderie. As Chairman of the CACJ for the 2020-2021 term, I pledge to work closely with the Chief Justices and my colleagues from the ASEAN Judiciaries, to fulfill my mandate and to actively contribute to the development and success of the Council.

Before concluding my remarks, I would like to wish the Chief Justices, the Heads of Delegations and our distinguished guests good health, happiness and the best of success.

Thank you.

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