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  • The Intermediate Court judge handles offences punishable with imprisonment that does not exceed 20 years and can impose whipping and fine. The Intermediate Court does not have the jurisdiction to hear capital punishment cases or death penalty cases.


  • Section 13 (1):

    “…Intermediate Courts in exercise of their criminal jurisdiction shall have (concurrently with the High Court) all the jurisdiction, powers, duties and authorities as are vested, conferred and imposed on the High Court in the exercise of its original criminal jurisdiction.


  • Section 13 (2):

    For the purpose of subsection (1), such written laws shall be construed subject to such modifications as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with this Act.


  • Section 13 (3):

    Intermediate Courts shall not have any jurisdiction:-
  1. In respect of any offence punishable with death or with imprisonment for life; or
  2. To impose a period of imprisonment longer than 20 years in respect of any offence


  • Section 13 (4):

    In any trial before an Intermediate Court in which it appears after the conviction of the accused that a period of imprisonment longer than 20 years should be imposed in respect of the offence, the Intermediate Court may commit him to the High Court for sentence.


  • Section 13 (5):
    On a committal of an accused under subsection (4), the Intermediate Court may remand him in custody pending the sentence of the High Court which shall have the power to sentence him in accordance with the law under which he was found guilty by the Intermediate Court


  • Section 13 (6):
    Where the High Court and Intermediate Courts have concurrent jurisdiction in respect of any prosecution or processing. The Public Prosecutor or any person expressly authorized by him in writing shall direct in which of those Courts they shall be instituted:

Provided that, subject to this Act, section 189 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Chapter 7) shall apply to an Intermediate Court as it applies to the Court of a Magistrate.”

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