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History of Cambodian Judiciary

Cambodia fell into cataclysm under the Kampuchea Democracy Regime from April 17, 1975 until January 06, 1979 “the Pol Pot Regime”. During the more than 3 years reign of the Pol Pot Regime, the State infrastructures were totally destroyed including the judicial system.

After liberation on January 07, 1979, Cambodia’s Infrastructures have been re-building starting from being empty-handed. During 1982, Cambodia, at that time it was called the People’s Republic of Kampuchea, created a Court in each province of Kampuchea which was called the People’s Court. The Supreme Court and Prosecutor-General’s Office had been created by a Decree No 28 ក្រ dated July 31, 1985 promulgating the Law on the Establishment of the People’s Supreme Court and Prosecutor-General’s Office of People’s Supreme Court. After that, in 1987, the Law related to the Supreme Court was introduced namely: Decree No 34 ក្រច of the Law on the Designative and Activity of People’s Supreme Court and Prosecutor-General’s Office of Supreme Court.

In 1993, the Cambodia-State created the Law of Designative and Activity Courts dated on February 28, 1993. The Law established the Court of First Instance, Appeal Court, and Supreme Court.

Finally, in 2014, the Cambodian Parliament adopted three fundamental laws for full operation of the Cambodian Judicial System. With the existing laws, Cambodian Judiciary has the Judicial System as explained above and operates presently.

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