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APAC Judicial Training on Env and Climate Law
APAC Judicial Training on Env and Climate Law


Judicial Training Center, Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with ClientEarth and the the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (“ICEL”), supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (“UNEP”)


1. Increasing the legal capacity and knowledge of judges from Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific on global legal developments on environmental and climate issues particularly pertinent to Asia.

2. Strengthening judicial capacity in key areas of environmental and climate law and developing resources on key legal and scientific developments across the Asia-Pacific region to assist in more effective adjudication of disputes.

3. Providing a platform for judicial members to exchange information and experiences.


General Theme: “Asia Pacific Judicial Training on Environment and Climate Law Adjudication: Judges in a Triple Planetary Crisis World.”


1. Recent trends and developments on international law and principles

  • Topic 1: New developments in International Environmental Law & Biodiversity Principles
  • Topic 2: Climate Change, Climate Justice and Human Rights in Asia and the Pacific

2. Introduction to Climate litigation

  • Topic 3: Climate Litigation and Environmental Adjudication
  • Topic 4: Interface Between Corporate Law and Climate Change

3. Science backed Environment and Climate litigation

  • Topic 5: Climate Science for Judges: Unequivocal Evidence of Human Impacts
  • Topic 6: Examining Scientific Evidence in Environmental Cases

4. Future thinking for Climate and Environmental Restoration

  • Topic 7: Judicial Tools and Methodologies to Utilizing Environmental Principles in Climate Cases
  • Topic 8: Crafting Innovative Remedies by the Court and Its Implementation

5. Closing: Judges Roundtable on What Next for Judiciaries in the Triple-Planetary Crisis World?

Start Date

October 23, 2023

End Date

November 4, 2023

Provided by Organiser

Training materials, costs of attendance, including accommodation in Mega Mendung Bogor during the in-person class sessions, and catering. Participants are expected to cover their travel costs, however, if these costs are a barrier, the organizer would consider covering those on a case-by-case basis.

Other Information

The organizer invites maximum 2 (two) participants from each ASEAN country.

Participant is expected to meet the following criteria:
1. Judges from ASEAN countries, People Republic of China, and Republic of India who handle or expect to handle environmental and climate cases; or

2. Judges who seek the opportunity to gain and share knowledge on the challenges and best practices in handling environmental and climate

3. Participants must attend the whole sessions of the programme


Start and End Dates:

1. Self-study through the Indonesian Judicial Training Center E-learning Platform (23rd to 27th October 2023)
2. In-person class sessions (29th October to 4th November 2023)

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Contact Person

Taufikkurahman (Indonesian JTC) at

Antonius Aditantyo Nugroho (ICEL) at

Elizabeth Wu (ClientEarth) at

Kanika Sood (ClientEarth) at

Cc at 

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