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Case Management
Case Management


Singapore Judicial College


This 3-day programme is intended for judges who aspire to be better case managers in either tackling backlog or handling cases more efficiently. It features two parts:

  • The first part introduces international participants to the Singapore Judiciary’s experience in clearing backlog in the 1990s and explores the applicability of the various strategies to the challenges faced by these participants in their jurisdictions
  • The second part focuses on imparting head knowledge about active case management, preparing for pre-trial conferences and trials. This is followed by a role play exercise where participants will have an opportunity to respond as judges in a ‘live’ case with roleplay actors. Finally, there will be case studies based on actual cases allowing for peer discussion and interaction. The participants can then compare the case management strategies they propose with what was in fact done in the actual cases in a discussion with Senior Faculty.


Clear backlog and achieve higher case disposal

Start Date

August 23, 2022

End Date

August 25, 2022

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23 – 25 August 2022



Contact Person

Kelly Pereira & Aidil Teper
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