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Industrial Relation Court

Legal Basis

Industrial Relation Court is Special Court in the level of first instance established under the jurisdiction of General Court with authority to examine, hear and decide upon the industrial relation dispute.

The Industrial Relation Court is established under the Act Number 2 Year 2004 on the Resolution of Industrial Relation Dispute.


The Industrial Relations Court has the task and competency to examine and decide:

  1. disputes on rights (of employee);

  2. disputes on interest

  3. disputes on termination of employment

  4. disputes among the labor unions within the same company

The industrial relation court hear cases in panel of three judges, consist of one career judge as chairman of the panel, and two ad hoc judges, one represents the labor union and the other one represents businesses association. (art 88)

Place of Seat

The Industrial Relation Court sits in the district court in each capital of provinces (art 59), and other district court as deemed necessary.

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