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The Supreme Court training facility is located in Ciawi, 40 km south of Jakarta. It offers in-house Judicial and Management and Leadership Training Programme for court officials. The main programme for judicial education programme covers:

  1. Integrated education program for candidate judges

  2. Continuing Judicial education

  3. Education for registrar and bailiffs

In addition to regular judicial education programme, Supreme Court Judicial Training Center also conducts training & certification programme for the following specialisation:

  1. Anti Corruption Judges

  2. Bankruptcy

  3. Intellectual Property

  4. Environment

  5. Juvenile Justice

Supreme Court Judicial Training Facilities can support 1000 person in the main auditorium, and have class rooms with 40, 60, and 80 person capacities. It is also supported by language, computer and moot court laboratorium, library, dining room, health facility and sport center. It also able to accommodation approximately 400 people.

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