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Japan Colonial Government

The Japan colonial government in Indonesia commence in 8 March 1942 and Japanese colonial government issue the Japanese Army Laws in 8 March Number 1 which states that all laws and regulation from the government of Netherlands Indie shall be continuously applicable as long as not inconsistent with the regulation from the Japanese Army. For the court structure, Japanese Government enact Act Year 1942 Number 14 on the Court Regulation Under the Government of Dai Nippon Army, whereas under this Law, several courts were established, which is actually, continuance from the existing courts.

Gun Hoon

Sub-District Court, which is continuance from districtsgerecht.

Ken Hooin

The Regency Court, which is continuance from regenschapsgerecht.

Keizai Hooin

The Police Court, which is which is continuance from Landgerecht.

Tihoo Hooin

The District Court, which is continuance from Lanraad.

Kooto Hooin

Appellate Court which is continuance from Raad van Justisie.

Saikoo Hooin

The Supreme Court, which is continuance from Hooggerechtshof.

The Japanese government era abolish dualism within the Indonesian court system which is by Osamu Seirei 1944 No.2 it was established that Tihoo Hooin is the court for all group of citizen, by using the HIR as procedural code.

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