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Civil Partnership

At present, establishment of a civil partnership does not require registration, or announcement. Article 22 of Commercial Code only require establishment of civil partnership to be conducted in verbal or in writings. In practice, parties establish civil partnership by way of notarial deed, and registration to the Registry of the relevant court and announcement in the Supplement of State Gazette.

Limited Liability Company

Establishment of Limited Liability Company follows the procedures set by the Company Law. In principle, a Limited Liability Company is established by way of a notarial deed, registration to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and announcement in the State Gazette.

Without registration to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the shareholders will be personally liable to the debt of the company.

Procedure to Establish a Limited Liability Company

In principal, establishment of a new business require approximately 23 days, with the following processes (source : Doing Business Survey Report 2017)

  1. Ordering Name of the Company (1 day)

  2. Notarial Deed, Article of Association (1 day)

  3. Legalization of Notarial Deed (1 day)

  4. Issuance of Domicile Letter (3 day)

  5. Tax ID Number (1 day)

  6. Business trading license and Company Registration Certificate (SIUP and TDP) (2 days)

  7. Worker’s Insurance (7 days)
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