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Civil Code

Burgerlijk Wetboek Staatsblad No. 23/1847 dated 30 April 1847 effective January 1848. dan berlaku Januari 1948.

Four Books

  1. Book 1 on Person: Partially amanded by Act Number 1/1974 on marriage as far as related to Moslem

  2. Book 2 on Goods: No longer applicable in particular to Land and some part of Security Rights Regime (as far as hypothec and some part of security over movable property)

    Amended/regulated by Act No 5/1960 on Basic Agrarian Act and Act Number 4/1996 on Mortgage, and Act Number 42/1999 on Fidusia Security.

  3. Book 3 on Contract: Including wetboek van kophandel, Failissement Verordening, etc

    Amended by various legislation i.e. Company Law, Bankruptcy Law, etc

  4. Book 4 on Expiration and Substantiation

Criminal Code

Wetboek van Strafrecht voor Nederlandsch-Indie according to Staatsblad 1915: 732 deemed as in force by Act Number 1 Year 1946 Regulation on indonesian Criminal Law

Minor amendment, last amendment known:

– Government Regulation in Leiu of Act Number 16/1960 and 18/1960 regarding adjustment of Fine in the Criminal Code.

Separate Laws on:

  1. Corruption (Act Number 31/1999 as amended by Act Number 20/2001)

  2. Money Laundering (Act Number 8 /2001 on Money Laundering)

  3. Environment (Act Number 32/2009 on Environment,

  4. Fisheries (Act Number 31/2004 as amended by Act Number 45/2009 on Fisheries)

  5. Juvenile (Act Number 11 year 2012 on Juvenile Criminal Court System)

  6. Others

Procedural law

Civil Procedural Law still generally use the colonial regulations:

  1. Reglement Op De Rechtsvordering (Staatsblad Year 1847 No. 52 jo. Staatsblad Tahun 1849 No. 63), applicable for European Citizen)

  2. Het Herziene Indonesisch Reglemen (Staatsblad Tahun 1941 No. 44), applicable for Citizen in the Island of Java and Madura

  3. R.bG (Rechtsreglement Buitengewesten atau Reglemen for Outside Region) Applicable for Court Procedure outside the Island of Java and Madura

  4. Influence from various laws such as Law on Judiciaries, Law on Advocates, Law on Legal Aid, etc.

Criminal Procedural Law

Act Number 8/1981.

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