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The High Court of the Region or State is the second highest level of Courts and is located in each Region or State of the Union. There are 7 High Courts of the Region and 7 High Courts of the State. Each High Court has one Chief Judge and the number of judges in the High Courts varies from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 depending on the respective workload. The High Courts have the original jurisdiction to hear both civil and criminal cases and has appellate and revisionary jurisdiction over the judgments, decrees and orders passed by the Subordinate Courts.

All cases in the High Courts are adjudicated by the single judge or by a bench consisting of more than one judge when necessary. High Courts have the responsibility to administer and supervise all Subordinate Courts regarding their judicial functions and administrative duties. The High Courts of the Region or State shall have the following jurisdictions in accordance with the law :

(a) adjudicating on original case;

(b) adjudicating on appeal case;

(c) adjudicating on revisional case;

(d) adjudicating on matters prescribed by any law.

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