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A Brief Overview of Legal System

Like other countries, the Myanmar Legal System is now made up of several different institutions such as Hluttaws, Legal Enforcement Agencies and the Judiciary itself. They all play a crucial role in ensuring the growth and the development of the Democratic legal and judicial Landscape in Myanmar.

Based on and in accordance with its own historical and social norms, the three pillars under the new Myanmar Constitution 2008 is relentlessly making reforms including legal and judicial ones in order to be a modern, disciplined and developed Democratic Nation.

The same is being done for the Judicial sector. The Office of the Union Supreme Court is now, by setting up and implementing the Judicial Strategic Plan, making relentless and dedicated efforts to do legal and judicial reforms for the rule of law, which is one of the very basic essentials of the democratic society, to be free from corruptive practices and to be able to serve best for the benefit of Myanmar citizens.

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