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Sources of Law

The sources of law in Myanmar are as follows;

  • Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (2008),

  • Myanmar Codes (from Vol 1 to 13), which contains all the laws enacted by the British since the beginning of its colonial rule until 1947 such as the Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code etc, and the laws made by the Myanmar Parliamentary Government from 1948 up to 1954

  • Myanmar Acts (yearly publications from 1955 to 1961)

  • The Revolutionary Council’s Laws ( Vol I to III) (From 1962 to 1974)

  • (Socialist) Pyithu Hluttaw’s Laws (yearly publications from 1975 to 1987)

  • Myanmar Laws (yearly publications from 1988 to 2011)

  • Pyithu Hluttaw’s Laws (yearly publications from 2012 up to now)

  • Treaties which the successive governments had approved and acceded to,

  • Subordinate Legislation including rules, regulations, orders, notifications, decrees and manuals issued by all related ministries,

  • The Constitutional Tribunal’s Opinions and Decisions, and its selected decisions,

  • Union Supreme Court’s Opinions and other judicial decisions. The successive Supreme Courts had issued its selected judicial precedents publication yearly since 1948 up to now, which are called as Burma Law Reports series. Before 1948, there had been the selected judicial precedents publications yearly or in series since colonial periods such as Lower Burma Rulings series, Upper Burma Rulings series, Rangoon Law Reports series and Indian Law Reports series etc. These selected judicial precedents are binding, and the Courts are bound to follow.
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