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History of State Courts Building

Prior to the establishment of the current State Courts building at 1 Havelock Square in 1975, the State Courts (then known as the Subordinate Courts) operated out of several different locations. The Criminal District and Magistrates’ Courts were located on South Bridge Road, the Traffic Courts were housed in the former Sepoy Lines Police Station in Outram, while the Civil District Courts operated out of the old Parliament Building and the Old Supreme Court Building.

Construction of the current octagonal State Courts building began in January 1973. The State Courts began their operations at the building, when construction was completed in September 1975. While the building originally housed 26 courtrooms, more courtrooms were added over the years to cope with an increasing caseload. The State Courts building achieved conservation status on 10 July 2013.

Construction of a new building, the State Courts Towers, has been underway since 2014. The new State Courts Towers sits adjacent to the current State Courts building, and is slated to be operational in 2020.



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