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Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals

Establishment of the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals

The Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRT) were established on 1 October 2015 under the Community Disputes Resolution Act. The CDRT hears cases between neighbours after all efforts at reaching a resolution through mediation have been exhausted.


Under the Community Disputes Resolution Act, the CDRT can hear disputes between neighbours. Neighbours are defined as persons who live in the same building, or within a 100 metre radius of each other, but does not include a person who lives in the same place of residence. The CDRT can make orders for damages of not more than S$20,000, injunction, specific performance, apology, or any other order to give effect to the above.

When hearing a neighbour dispute case, the CDRT considers the ordinary instances of daily living which include living in high rise, high density, multi-racial, religious, and cultural settings, that can be expected to be tolerated by reasonable persons living in Singapore. Interferences that may result in neighbour disputes include causing excessive noise, smell, or smoke, littering, trespass on a neighbour’s place of residence, or surveillance of the neighbour’s place of residence.


An appeal can be made to a Tribunal Judge from any judgment, order or direction of the CDRT Registrar. Appeals against a decision, direction or order of a Tribunal Judge lie in the High Court.



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