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Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

The Intellectual Property of Singapore (“IPOS”) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. An innovation agency that uses its IP expertise and networks to drive Singapore’s future growth, its focus is on helping enterprises grow through IP and innovation strategies, developing skills and expertise in these areas, and creating a vibrant ecosystem where today’s ideas become tomorrow’s assets.

Within IPOS, the Registries of Patents, Designs, Trade Marks & Plant Varieties respectively administer the Patents, Registered Designs, Trade Marks and Plant Varieties Protection Acts, which includes processing and granting of the corresponding IP rights in Singapore.

The Hearings and Mediation Department of IPOS facilitates the resolution of disputes relating to the registration of Trademarks, Patents, Registered Designs and Plant Varieties Protection. Proceedings within the Hearings and Mediation Department of IPOS can be heard by the Registrar and his delegates.

The Copyright Tribunal is a forum for resolving licensing disputes between collective management organisations and users of copyright materials. IPOS is the Secretariat and assists with the administration of Copyright Tribunals. Submission of forms and fees is made to the Secretariat at IPOS.



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