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The Strata Titles Boards are tribunals constituted under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (Cap 30C, 2008 Rev Ed) (“BMSMA”) to mediate and hear applications between subsidiary proprietors and management corporations, or between subsidiary proprietors, in relation to disputes arising out of strata titled property and orders for collective sales of property under the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Cap 158, 2009 Rev Ed).

Common disputes brought before the Strata Titles Boards include those on inter-floor water leakages, performance or failure to perform certain duties under the BMSMA or by-laws, applications to convene meetings or invalidate resolutions passed by the management corporation, car parking woes, complaints with regard to alterations to common property and applications to revoke or invalidate certain by-laws.

The Strata Titles Boards consist of board members, including the President and Deputy Presidents, who are appointed by the Minister of National Development. They are assisted by a Registrar who has the power to hear interlocutory applications.

When an application is made to the Strata Titles Boards, a panel is formed to hear the matter. The President of the Strata Titles Boards assigns professionals who are best suited to deal with the matter to be on a panel.

Parties may engage lawyers to represent them in proceedings before the Strata Titles Boards. However, Strata Titles Boards proceedings generally do not require a party to be represented by a lawyer.



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