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Singapore Mediation Centre

The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1997. It is a company limited by the guarantee of the Singapore Academy of Law, a body created by statute. The Chairperson of SMC is a Judge of the Supreme Court.

SMC is the premier institution in Singapore providing mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services for commercial disputes. It has an accredited panel of professional mediators with legal and industry expertise, and actively promotes the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes to businesses.

SMC pioneered mediation training in Singapore and is an acknowledged regional leader in this field, specialising in mediation training for judges, lawyers and other mediation stakeholders. SMC’s experienced training faculty has conducted training in ASEAN countries, Asia, the Middle East, the South Pacific region and in Europe.

SMC also provides consultancy in areas such as conflict resolution systems design and helping to construct mediation infrastructure.


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