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Attorney-General’s Chambers

The Attorney-General’s Chambers is led by the Attorney-General, who discharges his responsibilities and duties through 5 legal divisions (Civil, Criminal Justice, Financial and Technology Crime, International Affairs, and Legislation), with the support of the Corporate Services Division, AGC Academy, Strategic Planning and Organisational Excellence Office.

As principal legal advisor to the Government, the Attorney-General plays an important role in upholding the rule of law in Singapore, and thus contributes to one of the key aspirations of her people: to build a democratic society based on the fundamental ideals of justice and equality.

The Attorney-General performs the following key functions:

(a) Legal Advisor to the Government: the Attorney-General renders his advice to the Government on legal matters, and performs other legal duties referred or assigned to him by the President or the Cabinet;

(b) Public Prosecutor: the Attorney-General is vested with the power to institute, conduct or discontinue proceedings for any offence. The Attorney-General is independent in this role, and not subject to the control of the Government;

(c) Drafter of Laws: the Attorney-General is responsible for drafting Singapore’s laws and producing revised editions of legislation;

(d) Singapore’s Legal Representative: all actions by or against the Government are made in the name of the Attorney-General. The Attorney-General also represents Singapore, and advances and protects her interests, in the international arena and in international disputes;

(e) Protector of Charities: under common law, the Attorney-General is the guardian of charities;

(f) Central Authority for Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and Extradition: officers of the Attorney-General’s Chambers process and handle all formal requests for assistance in accordance with the provisions of the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act and any applicable Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.



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