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Ministry of Law

The Ministry of Law (“MinLaw”) is one of the ministries of the Government of Singapore and overseas the broad legal landscape in Singapore.

MinLaw plays the following roles:

(a) To formulate and review legal, intellectual property, land, insolvency, public trustee, moneylending, pawnbroking, legal aid and community mediation policies, as well as legislation and strategies under MinLaw’s purview;

(b) To provide legal and policy input for other Ministries’ proposed Bills and programs;

(c) To develop the legal services, alternative dispute resolution and intellectual property sectors; and

(d) To regulate and license all law practice entities and register foreign-qualified lawyers in Singapore.

Statutory bodies and agencies under MinLaw include:

(a) Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

(b) Singapore Land Authority

(c) Land Surveyors Board


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