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Companies Act (Cap 50, 2006 Rev Ed)

The Companies Act (“CA”) is the primary legislation regulating the conduct of companies in Singapore. The CA was first enacted in 1967 and in recent years, the CA has undergone significant amendments in 2014 and 2017.

The scope of the CA, inter alia, includes the following:

(a) incorporation and powers of companies (Part III);

(b) regulation of shares, debentures and charges (Part IV);

(c) duties owed by directors and officers of a company as well as other matters relating to management and administration of a company (Part V);

(d) regulation of accounts and audit (Part VI);

(e) operation of scheme of arrangements, reconstructions and amalgamations (Part VII);

(f) role of receivers and managers (Part VIII);

(g) operation of judicial management (Part VIIIA);

(h) winding-up provisions, including voluntary and involuntary winding up (Part X);

(i) regulation of various types of companies such as investment companies and foreign companies (Part XI); and

(j) provision of corporate criminal offences (Part XII, Division 2).

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