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Competition Act

Competition Act (Cap 50B, 2006 Rev Ed)

The Competition Act (Cap 50B, 2006 Rev Ed) provides a generic law to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive practices of private industries. The Competition Act sets out the processes in administering competition law in Singapore and also sets out the powers of the relevant bodies. To do so, the Competition Act applies to all private sector undertakings that are capable of carrying out commercial and economic activities, regardless of whether it is owned by the Government, a statutory body, or even a foreign entity.

The Competition Act prohibits three main activities: agreements, decisions, and practices which prevent, restrict, or distort competition; the abuse of a dominant position; and mergers that substantially lessen competition.

The Competition Act provides for, inter alia:

(a) The Competition Commission of Singapore and its functions (Part II);

(b) The activities prohibited under competition law (Part III);

(c) The Competition Appeal Board, and appeals to both the Board and the courts (Part IV);

(d) Powers of the Commission to investigate offences and provisions relevant to these powers (Part V); and

(e) Other miscellaneous provisions.

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